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The Hughes’ private property encompasses acreage in the Little Belt Mountains providing the solitude sportsmen desire. Whether you want the week to yourself or wish to bring five companions, the ranch will be entirely yours for six days. The Hughes property is located in hunting districts 448 and 420 and borders the Judith River Game Range and the Lewis & Clark National Forest. 

Please visit the ​Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks  website for seasonal hunting information. 

For information on hunting rates and availability, please contact us.



There is abundant opportunity for varmint hunting including ground squirrel and woodchuck hunts. 


Bird hunting abounds in central Montana with several species of fowl including Hungarian partridge, grouse, and pheasant.



Our creeks and ponds offer enjoyment to the fisherman, whether expert or novice. Catch brook trout from your hook and lure on Sage Creek and Running Wolf Creek and cutthroat trout from your fly on our stocked ponds. 

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